Epworth hosts online ‘Ethics and Investment’ conference

Between Wednesday 4 and 18 November 2020 Epworth Investment together with the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church held a series of online conferences for charity trustees on ethics and investment.

Ethical investment – does it work in practice?

This session looked at the impact of ethics on investment performance, risk and income; and considered whether or not ethical screening works to eliminate exposure to certain areas and engagement works to improve corporate practices.

How to find income in today’s investment markets

Following the cuts to interest rates and company dividends in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we looked at cash management and how best to secure income, as well as considering whether long-term investments are a more sustainable source of income for charities.

The briefest bear market in history – whither bound?

After the extraordinary levels of volatility in investment markets in the spring of 2020, we reflected on the current economic environment and where value currently exists in investment markets.

The Climate Emergency – How Can Charities use their Investments to Respond to the Challenge?

Epworth Investment Management present the online seminar “The Climate Emergency – How Can Charities use their Investments to Respond to the Challenge?” at Civil Society Faith Week, Wednesday 9 September 2020.


Revd Canon Jennifer Smith
Superindendent Minister Wesley’s Chapel
“The Climate Emergency – a faith perspective”

David Palmer
Chief Executive Officer, Epworth Investment Management
“Are all faith groups on the same page when it comes to the climate emergency?”

Christophe Borysiewicz
Head of Investment Management, Epworth Investment Management
“Risk, income and other investment challenges in tackling the climate emergency”

Mark O’Connor
Head of Business Development, Epworth Investment Management
“The Epworth Climate Stewardship Fund for Charities – a possible solution”

Fossil Fuel Divestment – Epworth talk to the United Reformed Church Southern Synod Trust

Epworth Investment Management’s Christophe Borysiewicz talks to Catherine Kingdom of the United Reformed Church Southern Synod Trust about the Church’s decision to divest from fossil fuels.

Introduction to Epworth

Fossil fuel companies and climate change podcast

Stephen Beer, chief investment officer of Epworth Investment Management Limited,
www.churchtimes.co.uk, 29 June 2018

How can church investors step up pressure on corporate polluters to combat climate change? Ed Thornton talk to the Chief Investment Officer of Epworth Investment Management, Stephen Beer, who manages the investments of the Methodist Church.

A welcome from David Palmer, CEO, Epworth

Turning faith into investment returns

Christian values underpin the rigour of the investment process at Epworth Investment Management and the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church.

Investing ethically

A short film highlighting and explaining some of the important work undertaken by the Joint Advisory Comittee on the Ethics of Investment, the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church and Epworth Investment Management in considering the ethics of investment.