ECPF Online User Guide


  1. ECPF Online data
  2. Finding your way around
  3. Viewing accounts
  4. Instruct a payment
    1. BACS
    2. CHAPS
    3. Inter-account
    4. Registered bank payees
  5. Sending a secure message
  6. Settings
    1. Login and security
    2. Address
  7. Timeout
  8. Further help

1. ECPF Online data

All information displayed on ECPF Online is correct as at the close of business of the previous working day. There is no live information on ECPF Online.

ECPF Online is not a bank. Transactions and changes cannot be completed online. ECPF Online is a tool which provides account information and the facility to send secure instructions to the Epworth Cash Plus Fund for Charities.

2. Finding your way around

The site comprises of three areas :-

  1. Accounts
  2. Messages
  3. Personal

with sub menus for each.

3. Viewing accounts

When you login to ECPF Online the following page will be shown (Figure 1).

figure 1

Figure 1

Selecting an account

To change the selected account, choose from the drop down box by clicking the arrow to the right (A).

View transactions

To view transactions, click ‘Transactions’ (B) on the left hand menu or click on the account number (C).

figure 2

Figure 2

Historic data

You can view transactions for the last 180 days by selecting the to/from dates (D).

Type of view

You can view the information as a table, graph or both (E).

Download data

Information may be downloaded in CSV format which can be viewed in Microsoft Excel (F).

Account details

From the left hand menu the ‘Account Details’ (G) option shows statement parameters, the balance as at the previous days close and the current interest rate.

4. Instruct a payment


figure 3

Figure 3

  1. Select ‘Make a Payment’ (H) to instruct the ECPF to make a BACS (or CHAPS) payment and then select the payee (I).
  2. From the ‘Payee Details’ screen select ‘Make Payment’. N.B. There will only be payees listed that have been registered with the ECPF. Please see below for more details.
  3. Enter the payment amount (J), value date (K) and any reference (L) you may have (Maximum 40 characters).
  4. The value date will be the date the funds are debited from your account.
  5. Click ‘Continue’ (M) which will take you to a confirmation screen.
  6. If all the details are correct click ‘Confirm’.
  7. This will release the instruction to the ECPF.
  8. All instructions received by 10.30am will under normal circumstances be processed that same day.
  9. It normally takes 3 working days for funds to be cleared into a bank account by BACS.

figure 4

Figure 4


  1. If you wish to make a CHAPS payment enter the payment as described above for a BACS payment. Then to advise that you require a CHAPS payment send us a free format message.
  2. There is a £12 charge for a CHAPS payment.

3. Inter account transfers

figure 5

Figure 5

  1. An Inter account transfer can be made to another ECPF account by using the secure message facility.
  2. Select ‘Messages’ (N) and then ‘New Message’ (O).
  3. In the subject field enter your account number followed by “Internal Transfer” (P).
  4. Enter the details of the transfer using the format in Figure 5 (Q).
  5. Click ‘Continue’ (R) to complete.

4. Registered bank payees

  1. Only payees registered with the ECPF will be available on ECPF Online.
  2. To register new bank details please send us documentary evidence of the account in the form of a blank Bank Giro Credit Slip.

5. Sending a secure message

  1. Secure messages can also be sent and received.
  2. These can be useful for sending mesages relating to ECPF Online and for sending messages containing sensitive or private information (e.g. bank account details).
  3. Select ‘Messages’ (N) and then ‘New Message’ (O).
  4. Please prefix the subject of your message with your ECPF account number.
  5. Select ‘Messages’ then ‘My Messages’ and you will see all messages sent and received.

6. Settings

1. Login and security

Under the ‘Personal’ tab you can change your:-

  1. Password
  2. Pass number
  3. Security image

2. Update your address

  1. To send us an instruction to amend your address, change the details under ‘My Address’.
  2. Click ‘Amend’ prior to changing any details to activate the page.
  3. Click ‘Continue’ once you have updated your details and then confirm.
  4. The changes will be reflected once the ECPF have updated the underlying Cash Plus Fund system.

7. Timeout

There is an automatic time out after 10 minutes inactivity on the website.

8. Further help

If you experience any problems please contact us on 020 7496 3636 or by e-mail