Ethical Investment - Climate Change

Epworth was among the first church and charity investors to publish an ethical policy on Climate Change (2009). It commits us to manage portfolios to take account of climate change, reduce carbon intensity and to engage with companies on the issue.

Companies are assessed against the policy to determine whether they are suitable for investment. As a result, a number of companies have been excluded from investment, with extensive engagement undertaken with other companies to encourage a more far-sighted response.

We have been partnering with our charity investors to tackle the negative effects of climate change for over ten years. During 2019, we consulted with them on how to best respond to the worsening climate emergency. In response together we created the Epworth Climate Stewardship Fund for Charities. This allows UK charities to invest in a way that tackles the climate emergency while still aiming for above market returns. It is a climate investment solution that considers the impact that all companies we invest in have on our planet.