Ethical Hub : Policy Statement - Tolerances


Epworth recognises the increased complexities and scrutiny surrounding ethical investment and seeks to ensure Epworth is both pragmatic and transparent in its approach, whilst maintaining the integrity of its ethics. Alongside setting clearer policies, setting levels of tolerance for exposure to ethical issues in directly held companies achieves both transparency and integrity.

The following levels of tolerance apply to directly held companies’ percentage of revenue derived from issues that are unaligned with Epworth’s ethical positions.

For information on pooled funds, see our Pooled Funds Policy


Issue% of company revenue
Electricity production using fossil fuels30%
Alcohol distribution and sale10%
Non-weapon military components5%
Tobacco distribution and sale5%
Conventional weapons and other armaments3%
Oil and gas exploration, production, refining3%
Thermal coal exploration and production3%
Adult entertainment1%
Alcohol production1%
High interest (Doorstep) lending1%
Tobacco production1%
Controversial weapons0%
Elective abortion facilities / manufacturers of sole purpose abortifacients0%