Affirmative Deposit Fund for Charities

A Common Deposit Fund providing a competitive rate of interest and a high level of capital security.

It is designed specifically for charities and currently pays an interest rate of 0.60%

Investment objectives

To provide a high level of capital security whilst achieving the higher rates of interest available in the London money markets.  The Fund invests in sterling denominated deposits, Treasury Bills and other UK Government guaranteed securities and floating rate bonds and maintains a minimum of 10% of its assets in investments realisable within five working days.

The Fund’s benchmark, before expenses, is the 7-day London Interbank bid rate (LIBID) as measured by the British Bankers Association.

It provides

  • A competitive interest rate (currently 0.60%)
  • Same day access to your funds
  • A dedicated client team – for ease of administration
  • Security – cash is spread across a wide range of financial institutions, not just one provider


30 September 2018 1 year
3 years
% p.a.
5 years
% p.a.
% p.a.
Fund +0.4 +0.4 +0.5 +1.7
Benchmark +0.4 +0.3 +0.3 +1.3

Interest rate

Daily rate
1 August 20180.600.60

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How to invest

All charities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may invest in the Affirmative Funds.

Download an application form and further fund details below: