Affirmative Equity Fund for Charities

An equity fund for charities looking for a good level of income and long term capital growth. It takes a Christian ethical approach to investing.

It is structured as a Common Investment Fund which is a pooled investment fund designed specifically for charities.

Investment objectives

The Fund aims to maximize long term total returns through a diversified portfolio consisting primarily of equities. This may be achieved through direct holdings or pooled vehicles.

Investments will be made in sustainable companies which seek to enhance shareholder value and are thereby likely to provide good long term returns.

The Fund will seek to establish a widely diversified portfolio to capture exposure to all significant sectors of the market, no sector being automatically included or excluded. It will avoid investment in companies whose business is wholly or mainly involved in alcohol, armaments, gambling, pornography, tar sands, thermal coal and tobacco.

We will engage with those companies where exclusion from the portfolio is not appropriate but where either there is minor exposure to the avoided sectors or other ethical issues such as environmental performance, corporate governance and social justice that need to be addressed.

The Fund Manager will vote direct shareholdings in line with the overall ethical policy wherever practicable.


31 December 2018 1 year
3 years
% p.a.
5 years
% p.a.
% p.a.
Fund -5.7 +7.2 +5.1 +5.3
Benchmark -8.9 +6.8 +4.7 +5.9

Unit value and distribution

Unit value
8 March 2019156.0-

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How to invest

All charities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may invest in the Affirmative Funds.

Download an application form and further fund details below: